Meet The Team

Meet the team

Adam Lumb

Project Management

Adam scurries around the office muttering about how busy he is. show more...

Given that he looks after Project Management activities, process quotes and helps out in the online sales, he may have a point.

Likes: Drinking G&T, Eating Vanessa's biscuits, Housework

Dislikes: When Vanessa runs out of biscuits, Johnny's threats and untidy desks

Dreams of: Adam doesn't dream – too busy y'see...

Adrian Hughes

Sales Executive

Fear not! 12 years veteran of the business Adrian is on hand to ensure that when it all goes wrong he is right there in the middle of it. show more...

No, wait ...

Likes: Cars, Family & Football

Dislikes: Cabbage, Cauliflower & Mincemeat

If he wasn't in work Adrian would be fettling an old Land Rover. Bless

Andrew Ward

Sales and Marketing Director

Andrew comes from Guernsey but he hardly ever mentions it. show more...

He also supports Chelsea. Andrew doesn't sit with the other kids.

Braden Glass

Warehouse Assistant

Braden is all fresh faced at CareTrade as he joined us July 2017. show more...

Picking customer orders, packing the delivery vans and replenishing stock is how he spends his days.

Braden fills his spare time with Kebabs, swimming and driving entirely within the national speed limits(officer).

Wait - he gets spare time? I want to renegotiate my contract...

David Mulligan

Edward Lumb

Head of Ramblegard

Its sometimes hard to know what Ed does day to day, however, if you have dealings involving our revolutionary Ramblegard products then you will inadvertently experienced the work of Edward. show more...

Likes: Snappy eyewear, long hours, and home DIY

Dislikes: Writing personal profiles

Dreams of: Being Superman

Gary Atkins

Holly Patton

Credit Controller

Holly is in daily contact with our customers assisting them with Account queries and helping them to schedule payments. show more...

Like: Sarah's squash, driving and days out with friends

Dislikes: When Adam sings Nursery Rhymes in the office (How much is that Doggie in the Window, seriously – someone tell him!)

Jay Porter

Sales Executive

Jay travels the length and breadth of this beautiful island clocking up to 300 miles a day. He is a firm favorite with those he badgers for coffee and biscuits. show more...

Likes: Food(!), travelling and Sport

Dislikes: Marmite, Man Utd and filling in Personal Profiles

Dreams of: Being on the beach with a clear blue sky surrounded by meat-laden BBQs

Kevin Glass

Business Development Director

Kevin started with us 9 years ago! He doesn't look old enough does he? He works tirelessly to give the impression that he works tirelessly yet amazingly delivers deals and diligence for his customers regularly. show more...

Likes: Good customer references, Breaking targets and gaining new customers.

Dislikes: An untidy office

Dreams of: Happy staff, happy customers, happy Tim

Lloyd Palmer

Operations Team Leader

Lloyd is the All- Ireland tea drinking champion yet still finds time to look after our stock, manage warehouse tasks, load lorries, manage inbound and outbound logistics. show more...

Likes: working with the best team and completing a days work

Dislikes: when things occasionally don't go to plan, Rain and Andrew W being smug about Chelsea

Dreams of: keeping the fitness levels up (that tea is not going to drink itself) and owning a Caribbean island

Michael Merritt


Electric music loving Michael is our most recent technician to join the team at Caretrade, already he is a dab hand at identifying and fixing issues for our customers. show more...

As well as being a committed charity fund-raiser, Michael also finds time to bowl for Ireland. He's young enough to keep up with everyone on the team and old enough to complain about "youngsters"

Molly Speers

Nurse Advisor

Molly recently joined CareTrade as a Nurse Advisor. She's partial to being organised, a good chinwag about Strictly and yummy chocolate. show more...

She's working on a personal goal of getting her kids to school each morning without any trace of Rice Krispies or toothpaste on their uniform.

Bit of advice? don't ask how that's going so far

Nicola Martin


A firm believer that good things happen after coffee, Nicola takes no chances and always has a fresh brew nearby. She also works along with Adam so biscuits need to be factored in. show more...

A penchant for shoes that definitely isn't a problem, Italian food with a bold red and discovering a new tin of biscuits in the office feature high on her endorphin list.

Rosanne Carless

Sales Support

Rosanne works with our customers and CareTrade team to ensure that orders are processed properly to completion. show more...

Likes: Shoes, handbags and wide open windows

Dislikes: Spiders, flies and little rodents

Dreams of: travelling the world

Simon Dore

Ramblegard - Production Team Lead

Simon has been with us for 6 years performing many roles from repairs in our workshop, service call-outs to customers sites and Ramblegard configuration and production. show more...

When the position of Ramblegard Production Team Lead post came available he grabbed it with both hands. (think he liked the long title!) and has admitted that the pressure of getting goods out the door is good fun.

After-all he likes a hard day's work, everything going right and efficiency

Dislikes: Inefficiency, lack of planning or communication

Dreams of: lots of family time and starting his own business

Tim Hughes


Based in Antrim and having been with the company since he founded it over 30 years ago, Tim craves for as little hassle as possible with everyone else doing the work. show more...

He is most happy surrounded by happy customers, really really good coffee and weekends.

He works hard to ensure no-one forgets to put the coffee in the cupboard and that any staff who have garlic at lunchtime are made to sit in the warehouse.

Tom Aughey

Accounts Office Manager

Tom is our in-house Acrobat – he mainly juggles his day and balances the books. show more...

Likes: fine food and a good red wine, in that order.

Dislikes: Diets, Empty red wine bottles, being awake

Dreams of: a long, happy healthy retirement although he'll have to wait a good few years yet!!

Vanessa Myers

Ramblegard PA/Sales Support

Vanessa puts up with Ed Lumb on a daily basis. She also finds solutions to perfectly meet the challenges set by our Ramblegard clients, be they large or small. show more...

Likes: plying Adam with biscuits, taking about going to the gym and Scooby Doo

Dislikes: Shopping for biscuits, actually going to the gym and Scrappy Doo

Dreams of: Early Retirement (seriously?) in an Italian villa la vite e bella