Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Adrian Hughes


Fear not! 18 years veteran of the business, Adrian is on hand to ensure that when it all goes wrong he is right there in the middle of it. No, wait ... show more...

Now heading up the Agri Division, Adrian is getting down with the farmers ...yeooooo!!!!

Likes: Cars, Family & Football

Dislikes: Cabbage, Cauliflower & Mincemeat

If he wasn't in work, Adrian would be fettling an old Land Rover. Awk ...bless his cotton socks.

Alan Wilson

Ramblegard Sales Manager

With over 13 years of customer-facing experience, Alan is a lover of sales and a passionate believer in delivering great products and service. show more...

Alan is always happy to be out in front of new and existing clients and driving positive change.

Likes: His dear wife & son, fast car’s & F1

Dislikes: All things Lemon - Yuck!

Dreams of: Competing in motorsports.

Barry Saunders

Warehouse & Distribution


Bethany Palmer

Customer Care

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, this sweet girl can cope under pressure and she can hold her own. With an eye for detail, and a penchant for Smarties McFlurrys, our Beth, is sure to keep you right. show more...

Bethany's pet-peeve is when other drivers are on the road at the same time as her, so please, would you do her a courtesy and get off the road!

In other news, she is loving her new role as an 'aunticorn' (official definition: like a normal aunt, only more awesome). She's slightly skittish, but the office wouldn't be the same without her loud gasps and gazelle-like tendencies.

: Chai tea, Starbucks, sleep and spending summers in the South of France.

: making decisions, early mornings and spiders.

Braden Glass


Having excelled at picking customer orders, packing the delivery vans and replenishing stock, Braden has moved into the Purchasing Team. He's now the fella that makes sure we don't run out of stock. show more...

Braden fills his spare time with kebabs, swimming and driving entirely within the national speed limits (officer), although, now that he's a married man (sorry girls but he's taken), he likes to do these things with his beauty of a wife (also punching well above his station might I add).

Braden keeps us in high spirits and is always full of ideas (...I couldn't possibly comment on them though).  


Conor McDermott

Engineering & Maintenance

Conor loves nothing more than being stuck behind a 16KG washing machine in Cork on a Friday afternoon. He also has the unique inability to see parts that are right bang in front of his face (do we need to give him directions to Specsavers?) show more...



Dreams of:

Curtis Clelland

Warehouse Operative

Curtis works in our warehouse alongside Braden. They are very alike but both constantly complain about how annoying the other one is ...pot. kettle. boys! show more...

In his spare time, Curtis likes to build computers (wow ...actual skills!). 'Keep calm and get yourself to Starbucks' is his cure for all.

Nothing more than enjoying a few pints at his local.

Dislikes: Early mornings and the sharp objects Heather keeps in her desk.

Dreams of: Owning a pickup so that he can go for a rally around the dirt tracks.

Eamon Carless

R&D Manufacturing

Eamon, our Ramblegard genius, manages order production and kit building. show more...

This legend doesn't realise how funny he is ...honestly, his impersonations will have you bent double in fits of laughter!

Likes: Iced coffee and old Volkswagens. 

Dislikes: Warm stuffy offices and being rushed.

Dreams of: Building his own house.

Hannah Taylor

Project Management

The sweetest member of our team has got to be Mrs Taylor. Although, she obviously doesn’t think we’re sweet enough from the amount of sugary confections she plies us with …definitely a feeder …never ever leave us Hannah! show more...

Work-mum to most (and furniture/fit-out guru), Hannah is always in high spirits (and no, not the alcoholic kind …the joyful sort!). When she’s not coming to the rescue of our customers or trying her best to control her wanderlust tendencies, she’s DIYing and competing in archery …her talents never fail to amaze us!

Likes: Order & organisation, candles, deep cleaning, sunny weekends by the coast and having a tan. 

Dislikes: Bad manners, lack of sleep, feeling scared and tomatoes (strange girl!).
Heather Edgar

Heather Edgar

Marketing Manager

As our resident ‘Just for Fun’ team-games guru, meetings are never dull when Heather’s around. show more...

It’s Heather’s job to make things look pretty and resource the Sales Team, and when she’s not at her computer on InDesign, she’s in yet another meeting. PowerPoint queen, birthday cake-maker and self-confessed perfectionist. She takes no nonsense and when she raises that eyebrow, we all know Heather means business!

The banter, the beach, a bit of healthy competition and any excuse for a dinner party.

Dislikes: "
Snowflakes", rodents, people cracking their knuckles (Bethany!!!), and early mornings (but the good coffee helps!)

Jay Porter

Ramblegard Sales Manager

Jay (or Jay-Jay as he’s affectionately known) has left behind the days of selling incontinence wear and cleaning chemicals at S&E CareTrade for a new role at Ramblegard. If he’s still on this page in 6 months’ time, it’s probably safe to say his feet are well under the table.    

He is a firm favourite with those he badgers for coffee and biscuits. show more...

Likes: Food(!), travelling and sport (...and beating Kevin at the Table Tennis)

Dislikes: Marmite and Man Utd

Dreams of: Being on the beach with a clear blue sky surrounded by meat-laden BBQs.

John Lonergan

Sales Executive

Not one for sitting around, he enjoys the simple things in life …cycling, chocolate and comedies (especially his laugh out loud favourite ‘Only Fools & Horses’). John’s go-to karaoke song is ‘Hotel California’, and if he had to eat one meal for the rest of his life it would have to be bacon & cabbage. show more...

Route66 is on his bucket list and he tells us if he could be an animal, he’d be an eagle (hmm …interesting!)

Likes: Christmas dinner (oh yeah)

Dislikes: People standing too close at checkouts

Dreams of: the beach

Johnny Woods

Operations Manager

Our jiving Johnny from Armagh takes charge of all goods-in and -out of the Warehouse. When he’s not doing this, he’s doing his best to keep the warehouse boys from getting up to too much mischief! show more...

A man of few words, Johnny likes to get things done with as little drama as possible. In fact, there are only two times in the year when Johnny’s popularity wanes, and that’s when it’s all hands on deck for stock-take day and Johnny likes to get everyone into work extra early (like before the sun comes up! …the poor night owls are traumatised).
Katie Preston

Katie Preston

Customer Care

Currently off on maternity leave (...honestly, some people will do anything to get a bit of time off work), Katie will be out-of-office for a few months ...but in the words of Arnie, 'I'll be back' (...she better be!). show more...

Has anyone told her about the baby brain thing? ...When Katie returns we expect she'll be learning the ropes all over again, whilst simultaneously trying to avoid the old brain from exploding all over the office walls (and Kevin doesn't like the mess ya know).

Poor Katie struggled with the early morning routine, pre-baby (...let's hope baby Georgia likes her sleep too). Her proven strategy in the war to stay awake was sugar …and more sugar, which might explain why her top drawer was always so well stocked with sweets (but shh we’re not supposed to know that).

Katie is a big footy fan and a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ (Katie - you’ve found your tribe).

Likes: being a new mum, cocktails and conspiracy theories

Dislikes: snow and defrosting the car in the morning

Dreams of: her next weekend getaway.

Kevin Glass

Business Development Director

Kevin started with us 13 years ago! He doesn't look old enough, does he? He works tirelessly to give the impression that he works tirelessly, yet amazingly delivers deals and diligence for his customers regularly. show more...

He's also got some mad skills behind the BBQ! ...apparently it's all in the prep. ...I'll have mine medium-rare please, Kevin!

Good customer references, breaking targets and gaining new customers.

Dislikes: An untidy office and when Jay beats him at the Table Tennis. 

Dreams of: Happy staff, happy customers, happy Tim.

Lloyd Palmer

Customer Care

Lloyd no longer drinks tea at work - maximising efficiencies and all that, tea takes too long to make apparently. Now, the day starts with a cup of strong black coffee (strength – 4 beans, nothing less is acceptable). show more...

Proud Daddy (and maybe slightly over-protective of his little princess), he is now pretty sleep deprived but is managing to keep his 2 Sales Reps and 2 Technicians on the road ...and, well, do you think he has time for much else?

Being part of a fully-functioning successful team. Used to like lazy weekends and drinking many variations of Bourbon whiskey he's a hands-on dad and well, life is somewhat different.  

When things occasionally don't go to plan, rain, salads and the 'woke' generation ...oh and when Oriana cries (he dies a little inside)!

Dreams of:
Keeping the fitness levels up (sitting at a desk all day is bad for this) and owning a Caribbean island.

Michael Merritt

Engineering & Maintenance

Electric music-loving Michael is our most talented technician in the kitchen ...his chicken bake and lasagne are edible (...just kidding they are divine ...please, please keep feeding us!). show more...

He is also a dab hand at identifying and fixing issues for our customers and has a particular fondness for the scented mattresses that kindly appear in his workshop. An avid storyteller, Michael is currently working on his first book (...we await with bated breath and anticipation!...). 

As well as being a committed charity fund-raiser, Michael also finds time to bowl for Ireland (but is actually a proud Scotsman).

He's young enough to keep up with everyone on the team and old enough to complain about "youngsters".

Michael Tierney

Warehouse & Distribution

Michael Tierney
Michael Tierney
Warehouse & Distribution

Molly Speers

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Molly is our incontinence nurse (after all, why stop for toilet breaks when we can wear diapers instead?!). show more...

Our very own Miss Chatterbox, Molly longs for a wet weekend when extra-curricular activities are abandoned and she can put her feet up in front of the fire with a glass (really a bottle) of prosecco and dream of the day her son becomes a professional golfer so she can retire early and cruise around the world in style.

Likes: Strictly Come Dancing and chocolate

Dislikes: Juggling all her children’s social and sporting activities.

Nigel McMullan

Ramblegard Manufacturing

Nigel is our Ramblegard ninja. He spends his days assembling Ramblegard products from the man cave that is the workshop, surrounded by wires and other odds and sods (including Eamon …he likes to hide in there too!) show more...

Powered by coffee (although a mocha would be preferable), Nigel works diligently to get every order out the door. 'Stay calm and carry on' is his mantra.

Likes: BBQ noodles, steak pie, weekends and travelling. 

Dislikes: Cold icy mornings, rain, and an untidy workbench or floor. 

Dreams of: Owning a high-performance sports car.

Stephen Patterson

Warehouse & Distribution


Terri Walker

Credit Controller

Terri is super-organised and suffers no fools (beware, this feisty credit controller [or the girl in accounts as she’s affectionately known by the Agri team] doesn’t come with a remote) but, she’ll be the first to greet you with a great big smile. show more...

Poor Terri struggles with the early mornings but with a cup of tea in hand and a hot water bottle to keep her warm, she’s ready to face the day.

A minimalist at heart, Terri’s desk is always immaculate (puts the rest of us to shame) and so are her nails …shabby nails are a no-no …and if she hasn’t got new nail art to show us every fortnight, something is definitely wrong!

Likes: WKD daiquiris, her dog Sophie, and being toasty warm. Also thinks you can’t beat a big bag of salted popcorn (yummy) or garlic stuffed olives to nibble on (wait ...does Tim know this?!).

Dislikes: Spiders, slow drivers and her fiancé’s drooling dog!! Also doesn’t like when Lloyd squeaks the pink horn!

Tim Hughes

Managing Director

Based in Antrim and having been with the company since he founded it over 30 years ago, Tim craves for as little hassle as possible with everyone else doing the work. show more...

He is most happy surrounded by happy customers, really really good coffee and weekends.

He works hard to ensure no-one forgets to put the coffee in the cupboard and that any staff who have garlic at lunchtime are made to sit in the warehouse.

Tom Aughey

Accounts Office Manager

Tom is our in-house Acrobat – he mainly juggles his day and balances the books. show more...

Tom enjoys regular exercise at his local leisure centre and is a founder member of his local Men’s Shed in Crumlin Co. Antrim.

Members of a men’s shed are known as ‘Shedders’.

For anyone who doesn't know ...a Men’s Shed is any community-based, non-commercial organisation which is open to all men where the primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where the men are able to gather and/or work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other men and where the primary objective is to advance the health and well- being of the participating men.

Likes: Fine food and a good red wine, in that order. 

Dislikes: Diets, empty red wine bottles, being awake.

Dreams of: A long, happy healthy retirement pottering about with his shedders, although he'll have to wait a few years!!

Vanessa Myers

Ramblegard Sales Support

Vanessa puts up with Jay Porter on a daily basis. She also finds solutions to perfectly meet the challenges set by our Ramblegard clients, be they large or small. show more...

Likes: plying the team with biscuits, talking about going to the gym and Scooby-Doo.

Dislikes: Shopping for biscuits, actually going to the gym and Scrappy-Doo.

Dreams of: Early retirement (seriously?) in an Italian villa la vita e bella.